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Walnut for removing scratches from wood furnitures

Walnut Furniture Fix

As a child, I basically ruined every piece of wooden furniture in the house with my toys. I saw this remedy floating around Pinterest so I thought it was time to do my mother a favor and clean up my mess. For next to nothing, just a few walnuts, and some damaged furniture is all you need for this one.

Ingredients/Materials for the furniture fix-up:

  • Some dinged or scratched up furniture
  • A couple walnuts

How to use walnut on your furniture:

  1. First, find a piece of damaged wooden furniture.
  2. Make sure it’s real wood and not vinyl, as I learned after about 30 minutes.
  3. Grab your walnut(s).
  4. Rub the walnut on the area of concern.
  5. Watch as your past mistakes quickly fade.
  6. Take a moment to reflect on your hard work, and pat yourself on the back, wasn’t that easy.

Walnut furniture fix results comparison review

The results?

After use I found that this actually works! But beware, if you were hoping to repair all of your damaged wood in this way, u might want to look into buying some lacquer to give your old furniture its youth back. I found that this worked best for small scratches and dings. I used it on the edge of my night stand and I must say. It worked quite well, however, it is still noticeable and does not look completely natural, so as I mentioned, make sure to use for small repairs.

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